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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Braces

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Braces

Every one of our patients is unique, but the process of getting braces is much the same for everyone. Below, our Coquitlam orthodontists guide you step-by-step through the exciting process of getting your new braces put on.

Book Your First Orthodontist Appointment

Typically it will be your family dentist who refers you to an orthodontist for treatment. Nonetheless, it's perfectly fine to go ahead and set up an orthodontist appointment on your own without a referral. Simply find a suitable orthodontist in your neighbourhood, or ask friends and family for their recommendations, then call the orthodontic office to book your initial consultation. 

Your First Appointment

The first appointment you have with your new orthodontist will be a consultation. The consultation gives your orthodontist the opportunity to closely examine your teeth and take x-rays to determine the best treatment option for your smile. In some cases the orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth during this appointment, to begin planning your treatment. 

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Next, your orthodontist will create a personalized treatment plan for you, to set out a roadmap for your orthodontic treatment. Every smile is unique and deserves to be treated with care. Your treatment will be tailored to your individual needs, with the goal of achieving the best possible results. Using the impressions taken at a previous appointment, braces will be created specifically for your smile.

Your New Braces

It's an exciting day when you get your braces put on! At the start of the appointment, your teeth will be cleaned and conditioned in preparation for your new braces. Next your teeth will be primed, and the brackets will be cemented to the teeth as per your treatment plan. Then, once the brackets are firmly in place, the wire will be added into the brackets and the doors will be closed to hold the wire firmly in place.

Learning to Care for Your Teeth & Braces

Taking proper care of you braces is an essential element of keeping your treatment on track. So, once your braces have been placed your orthodontist will take the time to explain the basics of bracket care, how to clean your teeth thoroughly, and which toothpaste to use. Your orthodontist may also provide you with small spindle brushes which can be used to clean between the wire and your teeth. These small brushes can help you to remove food particles and bacteria from around the wire and brackets.

Braces Adjustments

Your first adjustment appointment will usually be scheduled for between 3 to 4 weeks after getting your new braces put on. At each adjustment appointment your orthodontist will change out your wire. The new wire will be slightly stronger, or perhaps have a different configuration than the previous wire, which helps to move your teeth to their corrected positions.

Dental Checkups

While you have braces it's extra important to stay on top of your regular cleanings and checkups. Your braces can make it difficult for you to reach all areas of your teeth, but dental professionals are trained in how to clean around the brackets and can help you to keep your teeth and gums heathy while you straighten your teeth.

If you'd like more information about straightening your smile with braces, contact our Coquitlam orthodontists today. Your smile is our passion!