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Invisalign® for Teens - Perfect for Busy Teen Lifestyles

Invisalign® for Teens - Perfect for Busy Teen Lifestyles

Invisalign® for Teens can be the ideal orthodontic treatment for active teenagers. Today, our Coquitlam orthodontist explains how Invisalign teen aligners help to make orthodontic treatment easier for teens. 

Over the years, many teenaged patients have used standard Invisalign to straighten their teeth and correct bite issues without the hassle of brackets and wires. That said, with the standard adult aligners teens ran into some unique challenges related simply to being a teenager. Invisalign for teens has been specifically designed to straighten teen smiles, and has a number of special features that make treatment easier to fit into teens' busy lifestyles.

Stageable Eruption Tabs

Teens' mouths are still developing. With that in mind Invisalign for teens comes with stageable eruption tabs. Eruption tabs provide just the right amount of space for new adult teeth to grow-in over the course of the treatment period, ensuring that the adult teeth grow-in just where they should be.

Compliance Indicators

Compared to adult Invisalign patients, teens tend to be less compliant with their Invisalign treatment. Our experience has taught us that teens are more likely to remove their aligners frequently, and for longer periods of time than adults using Invisalign. That's why Invisalign for teens comes complete with compliance indicators to help address this issue.

Compliance Indicators are small blue dots hidden on the back of each aligner. As the aligners are worn the dots gradually begin to fade, but remain visible until the aligners have been worn for a full two weeks as prescribed. This gives teens the ability to tell how long they have been wearing a particular set of aligners, and when the aligners need to be changed.

Replacement Aligners

Teenagers tend to lose or damage their aligners more often than adults, and that's why Invisalign for teens also comes with six sets of replacement aligners. Now, with Invisalign for teens, treatment can continue without missing a beat even if a set of aligners is lost or broken.

If you'd like to find out how Invisalign for Teens can help to straighten your teen's smile, contact Austin Heights Orthodontics today to book a consultation with our Coquitlam orthodontist.