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Say 'Cheese' - Look Great in Pictures While You Have Braces

Say 'Cheese' - Look Great in Pictures While You Have Braces

Are you too worried about how your smile will look with braces to smile openly in pictures? Today our Coquitlam orthodontists share some tips on how you can look your very best in pictures, while you have braces.

Just Smile!

A genuinely happy smile always looks great in pictures. If you keep your teeth and braces clean, you have nothing to hide, so just smile! There's no need to hold back. Keep reminding yourself that your smile looks fantastic in pictures.

When you're new to braces it may help to practice a little. You'll feel a little silly at first, but smile at yourself in the mirror...not fake smiling...real smiling. Before long, even with your braces, you'll be feeling great about your brilliant smile.

Oral Hygiene 

The absolute easiest way to look great in pictures while you have braces is to keep your braces and teeth clean and free from particles of food.

Wires, brackets, springs, and rubber bands often attract and trap food and plaque. To make your smile shine in pictures and stay healthy and bright, proper brushing and flossing are essential.

After every meal be sure to brush, floss and use your interdental brush to clean your braces as well as the tight spaces between your archwire and your teeth. 

Flossing with braces is easy and will help to keep your smile picture perfect. To floss with braces, feed the floss through the space between the main arch wire and the portion of the tooth closest to the gum. Gently 'saw' the floss up and down along both sides of the tooth. be sure not to use too much force, particularly around the archwire. 

Make-Up Options for Braces

If you enjoy makeup and you're an outgoing person, try putting on some red lipstick to highlight your braces and make an accessory out of them. Darker shades will help to make your teeth look whiter and compliment your skin tone. 

If you'd prefer to draw attention away from your braces, choose a neutral lip colour and try applying more dramatic eye makeup. A fashionably strong brow will help to focus attention on your eyes and away from your mouth.

Choose Less Noticeable Braces

If you're still not confident about how your smile will look with braces, perhaps you should consider a lower profile orthodontic treatment.  There are a number of low profile orthodontic treatments available from your Coquitlam orthodontists. 

Here are a few to think about: 

  • Invisalign - Hardly anyone will notice that you're straightening your teeth with Invisalign clear orthodontic aligners. Invisalign aligners are almost completely invisible when worn. Not only are the aligners clear, they are also removable! That means, for those extra important shots you can remove your aligners, then put them back in once the picture has been taken. 
  • Ceramic Braces - ‘Translucent’ ceramic braces are less visible than traditional metal braces because the brackets are made of a tooth-coloured ceramic material that blends in with your teeth. These braces are barely noticeable in pictures. 
  • Lingual Braces - Lingual braces are very similar to traditional metal braces except that they are attached to the backs of your teeth where they are harder to spot. With lingual braces you will be able to smile freely for the camera, confident that your braces won't be showing in the picture.
  • In-Ovation - With no ties or elastics to trap food and plaque, In-Ovation Self-Ligating braces are smaller than traditional metal braces. These lower profile braces might help you to feel more confident when smiling for the camera.

To learn more about lower profile orthodontic treatments, contact us at Austin Heights Orthodontics today!