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What You Need to Know About Orthodontic Elastics

What You Need to Know About Orthodontic Elastics

Orthodontic elastics are an important element of traditional metal braces. These tiny rubber bands come in a rainbow of colours that patients can choose from. Here's a little more about your orthodontic elastics.

In orthodontic treatment there are two types of rubber bands used.

One type is the ligature elastics.

Ligature elastics wrap around the individual brackets in order to keep the archwire in its correct place. These elastics stay in place at all times, only removed by the orthodontist during adjustment appointments.

Ligature elastics are always a part of braces treatment; however, there's another type of elastic that some patients need for additional support. These elastics are called interarch bands.

Interarch Bands

Interarch bands help to align your jaw and fix your bite, and should only be taken off, if necessary, when eating, flossing or brushing your teeth. Whatever your dentist or orthodontist prescribes, be sure to follow their instructions exactly, otherwise you might send your treatment off schedule.

Interarch bands need to be replaced every day.

Have Fun, Choose A Colour You Enjoy

Orthodontic elastics come in a range of colour options. Some patients like to change the colours each time they have the elastics replaced while others prefer to stick with a single colour. The sky's the limit in terms of the colour combinations you can choose, so have fun!

Whether you'd like a fun rainbow smile that really stands out, or a more discrete look, your orthodontist will have an elastic colour that's just right for you.

If you have questions about orthodontic elastics and how they work, contact our Coquitlam orthodontists today!