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Play them up or down? Makeup Tips for Braces

Play them up or down? Makeup Tips for Braces

Whether you'd like to highlight your braces, or camouflage them a bit, here are some makeup tips to help you get the look you want!

Makeup that will Highlight Your Braces and Your Smile

If you're excited about your braces and looking to draw attention to them, a beautiful red lipstick is the way to go! Select a darker shade that compliments your skin tone. Glossy formulas are prone to getting on braces and smudging so be sure to choose a matte variety.

Test a few shades in order to find a shade of lipstick that makes your teeth look whiter. Braces can often look quite busy, so these shades of red can help your smile look more bright and clear.

Braces can make your lips feel dry so it's also a good idea to keep a lip balm handy to keep them soft and supple.

Makeup to Help Camouflage Your Braces

Go for a neutral lip colour and more dramatic eye makeup if you'd prefer to draw attention away from your braces. Try a smokey eye or experiment with eyeshadow colours that complement the colour of your eyes.

A dramatic eyebrow look can is a great way to draw attention away from your braces. Today's trend for thicker, fuller eyebrows, makes this is easier than ever. Check out Youtube to see a number of great eyebrow tutorials to help you perfect this look.

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