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Braces on the Go: What to Keep on Hand

Braces on the Go: What to Keep on Hand

Most of our orthodontics patients lead busy lives that keep them away from home, often for hours on end, throughout the day. Here are the “on-the-go” supplies you should keep on hand to care for your braces.

At Austin Heights Orthodontics, we typically advise our patients to build themselves what amounts to a small “braces kit” that’s portable and easy to store, so that they always have the items they need to care for their braces on hand while they’re undergoing treatment.

You can use a small pouch, bag or case to store everything in one spot, so it’s all easy to grab and go, and it’s easy to store neatly in your school locker, purse, backpack, briefcase, or in a drawer in your desk at work.

The following is a list of products you’ll find useful to have on hand while on the go during your orthodontic treatment.

Oral Hygiene Products

It’s important to clean your teeth thoroughly after each meal and snack while you’re wearing braces, to keep them free from debris and prevents plaque (and subsequently dental decay) from developing. The following will help you do just that while on the go:

  • A travel tooth brush
  • A small tube of toothpaste
  • Dental floss or disposable flossers
  • Dental picks
  • A small hand-held mirror
  • Hand wipes (so you can clean your hands before brushing and flossing)
  • Anti-bacterial mouthwash

Pain Management

During orthodontic treatment, there will be periods of time when your braces will cause you mild pain and discomfort. This can occur after adjustment appointments, or from the friction of your braces against the inside of you lips and cheeks. The following items will help you deal with any pain or discomfort you experience on the go, quickly and efficiently:

  • Lip blam (to prevent chapping)
  • Ibuporphen (or other anti-inflammatory pain relief tablets)
  • Dental wax or lip protectors
  • Pain relief rinse packets (like Rincinol)

Miscellaneous Items

Your Orthodontist’s Office Phone Number

If you experience an orthodontic emergency, such as damage to your braces or an oral injury, you should call our office straight away. We’ll be able to book you in on the same day and take care of the problem.

Braces-Friendly Snacks

For orthodontics patients, getting hungry on the go isn’t as easy an issue to solve as it is for everyone else, as many snacks are off limits. Having something with you to snack on that won’t damage your braces will help you get through the day between meals.


  • Yogurt cups (sugar free only!)
  • Cottage cheese
  • Steamed edamame
  • Soft fruit like grapes, bananas, or  melon cubes
  • Soft vegetables like peppers or cucumbers
  • Pita slices with hummus, salsa or guacamole
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Avocado with sea salt and pepper

Have Invisalign or a Retainer? Don’t Forget Your Case!

You should always have your aligner/retainer case on hand for when you need to eat, brush or floss. Your retainer or aligners should never be stored anywhere else; wrapping them in a napkin or placing them absent-mindedly on your lunch tray is the fastest way for them to get lost or damaged.

Contact Austin Heights Orthodontics for more advice on how to care for your braces on the go!