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Books About Braces - 'Surviving Braces' by Jennifer Webb

Books About Braces - 'Surviving Braces' by Jennifer Webb

'Surviving Braces' by Jennifer Webb is a practical resource for anyone going through the orthodontic treatment. It provides a variety of tips, ideas and recipes to help make your braces journey go smoothly.

While we do our best here at Austin Heights Orthodontics to keep our patients informed and answer all questions, many people go into their orthodontic treatment feeling a bit uncertain of how life will be with braces, what they can eat, and what they can expect from treatment. Having a guide at your side can really help!

Surviving Braces to the rescue! This book is a treasure trove of important, useful information that will help get you through treatment successfully. It includes 65 braces-friendly recipes, practical tips and tricks for living successfully with braces, and an explanation of what to expect each step of the way.

On the lighter side, it also includes lots of funny stories, braces trivia, an orthodontic diary, and elastics tracker, and the steps to take in an emergency.

This book is a wonderful resource of orthodontics patients of all ages, and for parents of orthodontics patients, too!

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