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How Straight Teeth Affect Your Self Confidence

How Straight Teeth Affect Your Self Confidence

If your teeth are misaligned, chances are that you sometimes feel self-conscious about your smile.

People often don’t realize just how much something has been troubling them until after it stops being a problem. This seems to be especially true for many of our patients here at Austin Heights Orthodontics, when it comes to their misaligned teeth.

Before Treatment

Misaligned teeth can negatively impact your health in all sorts of ways. But many of the same factors that have a negative impact on health can also make social situations stressful or intimidating.

Malocclusions affects the aesthetics and symmetry of your smile as you likely know, but they can also make day to day tasks that should be simple, like eating, breathing and even talking, difficult. All of these health factors can also make social situations a struggle for patients with misaligned teeth.

People dealing with these social problems, especially adults, have come to a point where they've accepted them as part of day-to-day life, and they come up with subconscious ways to deal with these issues.

After Treatment

After their orthodontic treatment is complete — or indeed, sometimes even before that — many of our patients begin to notice how much self-consciousness had actually been holding them back.

Many of them comment on how much more confident they feel about the little things, like having their pictures taken, laughing, eating or talking, than they did before they had their teeth straightened.

Patients who once felt uncomfortable eating around other people now do so with ease. Those who used to avoid smiling and laughing in photos no longer give it a second thought.

Some of our patients have even found that they feel more confident when speaking up and offering their opinions at work because they’re no longer worried about what others will think of their teeth.

If you’ve been putting off orthodontic treatment or are unsure if it would be right for you, schedule a smile consultation with us today! We’d love to help you get started on the journey to a healthier, more confident smile.