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Books About Braces - 'The Braces Journal' by Dan Price

Books About Braces - 'The Braces Journal' by Dan Price

Occasionally, we like to share books and other media related to wearing braces and orthodontic care. This week, we’re excited to share the fun and interactive ‘The Braces Journal’ by Dan Price.

More Children and teens are undergoing orthodontic treatment these days than they ever have in the past. This fun and original journal is a wonderful way for them to keep track their experiences.

The Braces Journal was designed by best-selling author Dan Price to help kids deal and engage with the orthodontic treatment experience.

The journal pages are hand-drawn and hand-lettered, with many different writing prompts to help capture each important moment. Included is a section for before and after progress pictures, areas to track orthodontist's appointments, a suggested reading list, a ‘Forbidden Foods’ list, a ‘Fun Facts’ page, advice on what to do in an orthodontic emergency, and more!

This journal is a great resource and tool for kids and teens who are going through orthodontic treatment. And once it's all filled out, it will make for a great trip down memory lane when your child is older!

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